The Story of the Croatian Covenantal Cross

We are pleased to publish an interesting story about the beginnings of the Croatian Covenantal Cross, and how the covenantal prayer “Croatian Catholics Profession of Faith” came into existence. How did the Croatian Testament Cross come about? (see Note: 1.) The Committee for the organization of the celebration of Branimir’s year under the leadership of […]


Program for Celebrating 13 Centuries of Christianity amongst Croats (1975-1984) After the suppression, of the “Croatian Spring” (1971), all free speech fell silent. Only the Church, spoke out, in its own tried and tested way so that people of faith would become more informed about their history. Thereby, recognising the religious roots of their identity. […]


In the second half of the 20th century, the Catholic Church in Croatia, implemented a project to commemorate thirteen centuries of Christianity of the Croats. It consisted of several major celebrations: 1975/76 Croatian Marian or Jelena Year. 1978, at Solin, Zvonimir’s year. 1979, near the Diocese of Knin, in Nin, Branimir’s year. 1984, the National […]

January 13, 1578 :: Gvozdansko – A Shining Pearl in the Crown of Croatia’s Glorious Military History

Gvozdansko, the fortress of the Croatian Šubić-Zrinski nobility The Croatian fort Gvozdansko, on the road from Glina to Dvor na Uni, was established by the Zrinski nobles as a defense against the Muslim invasion into Croatia and Europe. After the fall of Dvor na Uni (then Novigrad) in 1556, Gvozdansko found itself under attack by […]