The Story of the Croatian Covenantal Cross

We are pleased to publish an interesting story about the beginnings of the Croatian Covenantal Cross, and how the covenantal prayer “Croatian Catholics Profession of Faith” came into existence.

How did the Croatian Testament Cross come about? (see Note: 1.)
The Committee for the organization of the celebration of Branimir’s year under the leadership of the then Archbishop of Zadar, Msgr. Marijan Oblak (1958-1996). On June 19, 1979 made the decision to create the Jubilee/Croatian Testament Cross.

The idea for its creation was given by Archbishop Oblak, and the initial draft of the cross was made by Msgr. Eduard Peričić, priest of the Archdiocese of Zadar, in collaboration with Don Živko Kustić, editor-in-chief of Glas Koncila. The conceptual drawing was drafted and produced that same day.

The template for the cross was made in Zadar – Jesus’ Corpus was made by master craftsman Božidar Vilhar and the symbols were prepared by zincographer Petar Novak. The template was then taken to the goldsmith Roko Glasnović in Zagreb, who had a mould made in Italy for casting the cross and, on that basis, continued its multiplication in his jewellery workshop in Zagreb (in the courtyard of Glas Koncila).

How did the covenantal prayer “Croatian Catholics Profession of Faith” come into existence?
The covenantal prayer “Croatian Catholics Profession of Faith” was composed during Branimir’s Jubilee year, when the 1100th anniversary of the first international recognition of Croatia by Pope John VIII in AD879 was celebrated. The Croatian Bishop’s Conference invited all families to gather for prayer every day at 9pm and recite the covenantal prayer “Croatian Catholics Profession of Faith.” See prayer below in Croatian original with English translation.

Ispovijest vjere Hrvata Katolika
Čvrsto vjerujem u Boga Oca, i Sina i Duha Svetoga. Životom želim potvrditi svoj krsni savez s Bogom i tako obnoviti sveti pradjedovski zavjet vjere u Isusa Krista i vjernosti Katoličkoj Crkvi. Svoju odluku polažem u Bezgrešno Srce Presvete Bogorodice Marije. Amen.
Najvjernija odvjetnice na braniku stoj čuvaj našu svetu vjeru i Hrvatski dom.

Croatian Catholics Profession of Faith
I firmly believe in God the Father and Son and the Holy Spirit. With my life I wish to confirm my baptismal covenant with God and renew our forefathers holy covenant of faith in Jesus Christ and faithfulness to the Catholic Church. I place my resolve in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Mother of God. Amen
Most faithful advocate in our defence stand, protect our holy faith and Croatian homeland.

Note: 1. Translated into English from original article in Croatian 

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