Knights Rule of Life

“He that shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved” Matt 24:13
  • Begin and end each day with prayer, the Angelus is prayed at 6AM, Noon, and 6PM, 9pm Ispovijest vjere Hrvata (Croatian Profession of Faith).
  • Daily Rosary as requested by Our Lady at Fatima.
  • Make a Nightly Examination of Conscience.
  • Endeavor to spend at least a few minutes each day in spiritual reflection, preferably with the aid of Scripture or spiritual reading, if only a sentence or two.
  • Be faithful to all daily duties, in or out of the home.
  • Attend Holy Mass and visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament where possible.
  • Attend Holy Mass on Sunday’s, and Holy days of obligation.
  • Fast at least once a week Friday’s.
  • Practice going to Confession and Communion as part of First Friday or First Saturday devotions.
  • Commit to attend a layman’s retreat or Catholic men’s conference.
  • Frequently practice self-denial of worldly comforts, and share your time and resources with the poor and for religious causes according to your means.