Men’s Rosary Crusade – First Saturday July

When God’s warriors go down on their knees, the battle is not over, it has just begun.

Our next men’s Rosary Crusade will be on 2nd July 2022, this will be our 7th Men’s Rosary Crusade, our last one saw the largest attendance to date, we were blessed once again with a glorious sunny day.

The June rosary crusade was reported on by the local Croatian news paper “Domovina” and their article was shared far and wide in Croatia – praise the Lord!!

Our brothers in Croatia started their Men’s Rosary Crusade with their first being Saturday 18th June, with hundreds of men participating praise the Lord!!

June Crusade
Croatian Men’s Rosary Crusade – Zagreb Cathedral


The Men’s Rosary Crusade in Sydney is open to all Catholic men young or old, all are welcome. The public rosary at St. Mary Cathedral, will commence at 1pm sharp in the forecourt. Please share this message far and wide and call all the men you know to battle. Remember, you may have been born a man, but you become a Knight. Join the Rosary Crusade. Make reparation for the sins committed against our God and show public witness to your fidelity and faith in God.

NOTE: Those men that would like to take the opportunity and take up the practice of the Five first Saturday devotion (as requested by Our Lady of Fatima) are encouraged to do so, confession is available at the Cathedral from 11.30am, with Holy Mass at 12pm.


Below are some comment’s from men that were present at the first Rosary Crusade.

“It was a great profession of faith for us men to be praying the rosary together and occupying public space. I pray it was the start of something big!” — Steve”


Being part of a public rosary in front of St Mary’s cathedral was a huge witness in my spiritual life. I had an image of the pain Jesus felt, this made me persevere through mine! As I knelt on the hot blazing court yard tile, I felt so inspired and blessed by the Holy Spirit. Truly an amazing act to be part of!” — Stjepan


“The saints have said many things about the power of the Rosary, but seeing a large group of men praying the Rosary on their knees outside St. Mary’s Cathedral was very inspiring. The Rosary is such an incredibly powerful weapon against the Devil and I can highly recommend for all men to attend this monthly event”. — Eddy


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