Rosary Revival

Rosary Revival by Blessed Alan de la Roche During my teenage years, growing up in a Croatian household, we continued to pray the family Rosary on Wednesday’s and Friday’s. Like most teenagers of that era – as now – I became more interested in sports, playing football and computer games and sadly falling into sin. […]


HISTORY of the ROSARY – Part 1 My earliest memory of prayer and the Rosary go back to when I was a little boy. At 4 years of age, I remember my parents teaching me the prayers of the Rosary. I often remember finding my father in prayer with Rosary in hand and my mother […]

Heaven’s Passport – The Pandemic of the Non-Believers

The Pandemic of the Non-Believers “Government mandates for COVID – mask wearing, lockdowns, social distancing, sanitising, vaccines, and now vaccine or health passports.” These are words which are continuously bombarding us through the television, newspapers, social media and even in our personal conversations. Their subject, COVID, has so gripped the whole world with fear that […]