Crusade of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Knights of the Precious Blood are honoured to take up the Crusade for the Sacred Heart of Jesus started by our forefathers at the dawn of the 20th century. We aim to foster and develop in our current generation a deeper understanding and appreciation of the true meaning of, and treasure within, the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

To that end, a new initiative was launched to empower Croatian men to lead the charge in renewing this devotion within Croatian families. It was launched at our recent Croatian Catholic Men’s group breakfast meeting on June 7th, 2020, in conjunction with the publication of a number of articles dedicated to the Sacred Heart, see links below.

The most recent article centred on a glorious event in our history, paved by our forefathers who led the charge, and which culminated in the consecration of 160,000 young Croatians to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This consecration was planned in advance, and most importantly, included spiritual preparation prior to the consecration, which was carried out on the Feast Day of the Sacred Heart on June 22nd, 1900.

With this in mind, let us not forget that we are a “knightly Christian nation” and our homeland, Croatia, is “the shield and door of Christianity”. As sons of our honourable ancestors, we need to honour and live out their pledge “da će se pod barjakom presvetog Srca Isusova hrabro i neustrašivo boriti za vjeru i za dom.”

The need for the enthronement and family consecration is more pressing today than ever before. The traditional family as we know it (as our Creator instituted it) is being attacked from all sides, from the incessant busy-ness of modern life and rampant divorce, to the global legislation of the redefinition of marriage and the erosion of the meaning of family itself.

We all love our families and seek the best for them, striving to provide for their needs and to ensure their unity, their safety and their happiness. That is why we now invite you to do one of the most important things you could ever do for your family – to join the crusade which our forefathers started 120 years ago and to welcome Jesus Christ into your home as King of your home and family.

Through the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in our homes, we re-commit the whole family to Jesus Christ and the social reign of Jesus Christ as King of our hearts and our homes. We consecrate ourselves to Jesus, making a covenant of love with Him. Jesus wants to be welcomed in all of our homes, and He wants to pour out immense graces upon not only our family but upon the world. Through the Enthronement process, families are strengthened, blessed and protected by Christ the King, a King of love who only ever seeks the good of those who belong to Him. “The Enthronement is the realisation of all the requests made by our Saviour to St. Margaret Mary, calling forth the fulfilment of the splendid promises with which the King of Love has enriched them” (Jesus the King of Love, p.3).

To support you in the Enthronement process, we have created a unique Croatian Enthronement pack which includes:

Sacred Heart of Jesus image & Immaculate Heart of Mary image

These are full colour prints (unframed) and in A2 size. There are two different prints to choose from:
Option 1. Limited edition Charles Billich prints (individually signed by Charles Billich)SOLD OUT
Option 2. Traditional images by Zabateri.

Certificate of Enthronement

These are A4 size and feature a Croatian heritage design. They come in your choice of language, either Croatian or English.

Enthronement booklet

This booklet contains the historical background of Enthronement, and details on how to enthrone the Sacred Heart in your home and family, as well as the ceremony rubrics and prayers as developed by Father Mateo himself.

To obtain an Enthronement pack, or for more information on the Enthronement process, please email us at May Christ bring every blessing and grace to your families as he has to ours.

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