Croatian Men’s EXODUS 90 – 09 Jan 2023 – 09 Apr 2023

Join us for a 90 Day Lenten Spiritual Exercise for Men

“The world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness!” – Pope Benedict XVI

Croatian men of God, the time for waiting has passed; the time for choosing has come!

Will you sit on the fence and choose the comfort and complacency that leads to death, the choice of men who want out of hell but have little time for God?

Or will you seize the moment, claim the grace and choose life, life that is eternal, the choice of men who see clearly and who pursue the greater treasure Christ offers?

Each man must make his choice, there are no other options – the time for choosing is now!

If you choose the greater treasure, and if you believe you were made for more, and if your choice is eternal life, then join us in the Exodus 90 program and change your life forever by awakening the desire for Christ and allowing Him to transform you into His likeness. Each day on this journey you will see and feel the graces that God has laid before you. Join your fellow Croatian brothers and choose the life, the eternal life, which you were called to!

9th January, we begin our 90-day journey which takes us through Lent and ends on Easter Sunday.

My Exodus anchor from last year continued and did the next 3 programs when Exodus 90 finished. The effect on our lives could not have been expected before we begun Exodus last year. Definitely in for this one, and very adequate for our tough times.



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