Why Attend a Croatian Men’s Conference?

Croatian men’s conferences provide a distinctive and invaluable opportunity for men to nurture their faith, be inspired and supported by like-minded men, cultivate friendships, and contribute to the Church’s mission. In this email, we’ll explore several reasons why men should consider attending a Croatian conference and the significant benefits they can derive from this enriching experience.

Spiritual Growth:

Attending a Croatian men’s conference creates an environment conducive to spiritual growth. It offers men the opportunity to pray together, engage in small group sessions, attend Mass, participate in Eucharistic Adoration, and avail themselves of the sacrament of Confession.

  • Eucharistic Adoration

Time for Reflection:

The BXVI retreat centre, nestled in a picturesque rural setting, provides a retreat from the noise of the world. The serene environment and facility, coupled with a beautiful chapel, allows attendees to reflect and rejuvenate.

Mentorship and Guidance:

These conferences feature experienced priests available throughout the weekend, along with laymen eager to share their wisdom. Mentors offer guidance on living a life devoted to God and neighbour, fostering an opportunity for experienced individuals to support their brothers in Christ through prayer, example, and encouragement.

Brotherhood and Fellowship:

Croatian men’s conferences foster a sense of brotherhood and fellowship among participants. Sharing this experience with like-minded men on a shared faith journey is profoundly fulfilling, creating a supportive network for ongoing spiritual growth.

Learning and Formation:

The educational talks at Croatian men’s conferences equip attendees with a deeper understanding of the Church’s teachings, inspiring men to “go into the whole world and share the good news.” Cardinal Newman faith resources, including sacramentals and books, are typically available for purchase on the Saturday.

Strengthening Families and Communities:

Men returning from these conferences often bring home a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to their families and communities. The spiritual growth and insights gained positively impact marriages, parenting, and local church involvement.


By attending these conferences, men become better-equipped evangelizers, carrying the conference’s message and their personal experiences back to their parishes and communities. This encourages others to deepen their faith and discern God’s Will for them.


Croatian men’s conferences provide a transformative experience for men seeking spiritual growth, mentorship, fellowship, and education. By attending, men not only strengthen their own faith but also contribute to the vitality of the Church and the spread of the Gospel. This opportunity allows men to explore their vocation to serve God and their communities, to live an authentic Catholic life and make a meaningful impact on the world.

To read about our previous conferences and some feedback from men that attended, along with a short promo video, please visit our website here. National Croatian Catholic Men’s Conference – Miles Christi 2024


Who typically attends Men’s conferences?

Men attending our conferences come from various points in their spiritual journey, including beginners, those lukewarm in their faith, and individuals deeply committed to their spiritual growth. The common denominator among participants is a shared desire to delve deeper into their Catholic faith and expand their understanding. These men exhibit the courage to uncover their true selves, exploring both the strengths and weaknesses in their lives. By dismantling false pretences, they aim to make a positive impact on the world.

Is the conference exclusive to Croatian men?

While Miles Christi conferences are organized by Croatian men, the presentations and small group discussions are conducted in English, with the Mass being in Croatian. The event welcomes men from diverse backgrounds, and each year, individuals from non-Croatian backgrounds actively participate.

Is this conference just another version of touchy-feely group therapy?

No, the Men’s weekend conference is a purposeful and serious endeavour designed to challenge participants to embrace the men they are meant to be in the eyes of God. The primary focus is on fostering growth in faith, deepening knowledge of Catholicism, and providing an environment where like-minded men can challenge and encourage one another while building lasting friendships.

Can I opt out if I feel it’s not the right fit for me?

Absolutely. Participation in all aspects of the conference is voluntary. Attendees are free to decide whether to skip any talk, group session, or activity. If at any point during the weekend, a participant feels the need to leave, they are welcome to do so. While the conference is intentionally challenging, pushing through discomfort and confronting personal limits is encouraged. Many participants find that persevering through these moments leads to a sense of fulfillment and growth.

When does the conference start and end?

Participants are advised to arrive at the Benedict XVI site on Friday between 4:00-5:30 PM. The conference concludes by or before 2:00 PM on Sunday.

What is included in the conference registration fee?

The registration fee covers accommodation, meals (Friday night dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner; Sunday breakfast and lunch), and a comprehensive conference pack. Accommodation options include single rooms, twin rooms, and quad-share rooms, with attendees choosing their preference at the time of registration. Note that single room bookings guarantee exclusive occupancy, while other options involve shared accommodations.