Katolički Duhovni Program za Muškarce – EXODUS 90 – 17. Jan 17. Apr 2022

Pridružite nam se na 90-dnevnoj korizmenoj duhovnoj vježbi za muškarce 17. siječnja započinjemo naše 90-dnevno putovanje koje nas vodi kroz korizmu i završava na Uskrsnu nedjelju. Exodus90 je katolički duhovni program za MUŠKE koji  omogućuje sudionicima da se približite Bogu, da preuzmu kontrolu nad svojim životom i postanu bolji. Prošle godine oko 60 muškaraca različitih […]

You are born a MAN. You become a KNIGHT

Dear Brothers in Christ Our world needs saints right now – more than ever! We are losing the battle for souls because of our indifference and lukewarmness. Evil people are being aggressively evil, while far too many are not “aggressively saintly.” This is especially evident with men. Men who are weak and effeminate and who […]

Our Lady’s Call to Battle

The continual apparitions of Our Lady at Medjugorje over the past 40 years are well known to Croatians both in the homeland and abroad, as they are to many faithful Catholics who have devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. While in recent time others recall the apparitions of the Virgin in Garabandal, Spain and Akita, […]

Hrvatska Zavjetna Krunica

Inspiracija Hrvatska zavjetna krunica sažima najdragocjenije trenutke svete prošlosti našeg naroda. To su povijesni trenuci koji su stvorili neizbrisivu vezu sjedinjenja između katoličke vjere i hrvatskog identiteta. Ti su događaji glavna inspiracija za stvaranje ove posebne krunice. Najznačajniji od tih događaja je veliki jubilej proslave 1300 godina kršćanstva u Hrvata (641.-1941.) Još je krajem 1930 […]

Hrvatska Zavjetna Krunica (Croatian Covenant Rosary)

Reflecting on the inspiration behind this unique rosary The “Hrvatska Zavjetna Krunica” encapsulates the most treasured moments of our nation’s sacred past. These are historical moments that forged an indelible bond of union between the Catholic faith and the Croatian identity. These events are the main inspiration behind the creation of this very special rosary. […]

Cro Combat Rosary

The Story of the – Cro Combat Rosary Shortly after the Knights of the Most Precious Blood were formed in 2015, the group’s logo was designed and confirmed by the founding members. The logo was intended to embody the charism and chivalric code of the Knights, combining fidelity to Christ with Croatian heritage. The founding […]

What is a man without the rosary?

The ‘What is a man without the rosary?’ challenge is an initiative that encourages all men to pray the rosary, and is carried out twice a year, in the months of Our Lady, May and October. It takes it inspiration from a Croatian initiative found at Muževni Budite. The goal of this initiative is to […]

Contagious Faith

The Alpha and the Omega and the Great Mandate These times are unprecedented. Churches are closed in Australia and many other countries. Our priests are unable to minister the sacraments in public. There is massive pressure on us all, fuelled by the devil’s favourite tool, fear, to force us to take experimental injections which have […]